Profiles - World Cup Venues - Fifa World Cup Stadium, Cologne

Seoul World Cup Stadium Location: Cologne
Capacity: 40,590
Type: Soccer Stadium
Reconstruction Completed: 2004

Venue Information:
The grounds of the Fifa World Cup Stadium, Cologne has been home to Football stadiums since 1923. A new stadium was built in 1974 and then again for the 2006 World Cup. In a testiment to the power of football in Cologne the grounds remained open and games continued even while the stadium was being rebuilt around the pitch. The new stadium lost the running track of it's predacessor but gained an incredible atmosphere accentuated by the fact that there is a mear 8 metres between the pitch and the stands.
The 4 mast that support the roof and act as lighting beacons for the stadium are impossible to miss as they stand 72 metres high.

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