Profiles - World Cup Venues - FIFA World Cup Stadium, Munich

Seoul World Cup Stadium Location: Munich
Capacity: 59,416
Type: Soccer Stadium
Completed: April 2005

Venue Information:
The Fifa World Cup Stadium in Munich will be home to the opening ceremonies of the 2006 World Cup as well as the opening game.
This stadium is on of the most unique sports venues in the world. The facade of the stadium is made from special inflated tiles which are self-cleaning, fire, cold and heat resistant. Along with being maintence free and exteremly safe each tile can be lit individually in three colors (White, Red and blue). Needless to say this ability can create some amazing backdrops for night games, for those inside the stadium
as well as those outside the stadium. Because of it's proximity to the highway the colors can only change every 2 minutes so as not be a distraction to the drivers.
The bowl is also unique in the Bundesligna as it has three teirs instead of the traditional 2 teirs. Even the parking area makes this stadium unique.
The World Cup Stadium, Munich has the largest underground parking area in Europe with enough room for 10 000 cars.

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