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Travel - World Cup City Guides - Korea


population - 10.8 million.
capital of the nation.
ancient temples, palaces and parks along side state-of-the art shopping malls, Internet cafes and cinemas.
comprehensive subway system
World Cup Stadium Tel: (02) 3707 8282
To reach the 63,930 capacity Seoul stadium take Subway Line 6 to the World Cup Stadium station
Seoul Subway Map

Busan (Pusan)
population 3.9 million.
pleasant coastal location and climate
transportation can be horrendous but the cheap, efficient and easy-to use metro runs to most places of interest.
World Cup Stadium Tel: (051) 888 3541
Elegant 55.982 arena reached by new Subway Line 3 or 35 bus from the station.
Busan Subway Map


population - 2.5 million.
Korea's third largest city
within easy reach of ancient cultural city of Gyeongju.
World Cup Stadium Tel: (053) 793 3901
The 65,857 seat Daegu Sports Complex Stadium is the largest in Korea, with 2 giant video screens, a running-track and 3 stories underground. Great views of the surrounding hills. Shuttle buses from Tong-Daegu station.
Daegu Subway Map


population - 1.3 million.
urban transport hub and science and technology center.
Visit the Kung Dong university area or Yuseong hot springs near the stadium (104 bus)
World Cup Stadium Tel: (042) 250 2170
The 42,176 capacity football-specific Daejeon World Cup Stadium offers an intimate atmosphere and unobstructed views.
Daegeon Subway Map

Gwangju (Kwangju)

population - 1.2 million.
city has a reputation as an artistic center (cuisine, music, handicrafts, calligraphy & new media).
hosts a biannual arts festival (timed to coincide with the World Cup in 2002).
Visit the Chung Jang Ro street area for wining and dining.
World Cup Stadium Tel: (062) 224 4652
The 42,880 seat Gwangju World Cup Stadium has two gigantic shell-like curving roofs. 7 km by shuttle from the city center (Transport delays possible due to subway construction).
Gwangju Subway Map


population - 2.2 million.
a major port city west of Seoul and home to Korea's new international airport
football was first introduced to Korea in Incheon in 1882 by British sailors.
For dining it's best to stick to nearby Seoul but good Chinese food on Wolmido Cultural Street near Incheon Station.
World Cup Stadium Tel: (032) 440 2840
Subway line 1 in Seoul connects to Incheon-bound trains (1 hour) Change at Bupyeong for Incheon City Subway Line 1. The new Incheon Subway line 1 connects with the impressive Munhak World Cup stadium. Get off at Munhak Stadium station.
Incheon Subway Map


population - 600,000.
located in a fairly undeveloped part of Korea, Jeonju retains some of its rich cultural heritage as the ancient capital of the Yi Dynasty.
famed for its food and handicrafts.
Bibimbap is a speciality. Try the city center or Namwon Tourist Complex

World Cup Stadium Tel: (0652) 281 2477
The 42,477 capacity Jeonju World Cup Stadium is one of Korea's best. Shuttle bus from the station.


population - 650,000.
an hour south of Seoul on subway line 1, Suwon is the home of Samsung Electronics
famed for its spotless public conveniences.

World Cup Stadium Tel: (0331) 229 2147

This 44,047 capacity soccer-specific stadium is a design masterpiece with one stand covered with an amazing bird-wing roof. Colorful seats done as a mural. Shuttle buses from the station.

Seogwipo Jeju (Cheju) Island

population - 87,000.
sub-tropical resort island of Jeju reached by plane or ferry from Busan.
Good beaches, hiking, golf and water-sports in an idyllic volcanic setting.
Local produce markets, casinos.

World Cup Stadium Tel: (064) 739 2002
42,256 seater with one curving roof. Great views of the sea. Buses from Jeju & Seogwipo.


population - 1 million.
an hour by train or bus northeast along the coast from Busan.
Ulsan is a port city linking Japan and a massive center of production for the Hyundai chaebol.
World Cup Stadium Tel: (052) 229-3168
The football-specific 42,086 capacity stadium set in Ulsan Grand Park and built by Hyundai! Reached by shuttle bus from the town center.

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